Join the Geelong Catfish Masters Swimming Club

Improve your swimming fitness and technique.
Training times: Tuesday Night 6.30PM to 8PM
Location: Leisurelink Aquatic & Recreation Centre.


Geelong Catfish Masters Swimming group compete in the pool and in the ocean. This snapshot was taken at the Danger 1000 Ocean Swim.

The photo below was taken at a masters event held at MSAC in Melbourne.

Overall our group perform well in competitions thanks to the first class preparation.
At the last National Masters Games held in Geelong, our club managed to amass 31 medals.
Catfish Masters cater for triathletes, Ocean Swimmers, recreational swimmers or just ‘swim for fitness’ enthusiasts. Our expert coach, Rob Berry gets results with his carefully crafted training programs and individual attention to technique.


Why join the Geelong Catfish?

At what age can you join?

Any age from 18 years onwards

What Should I Bring?

Just bring your basic swimming gear, goggles and fins – we provide the coach.

Improve your health with swimming!

Experts state that swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise for:
1. Improving aerobic fitness
2. Resisting coronary disease
3. Lowering blood pressure
4. Relaxing after the tensions of work
5. Improving muscle tone, posture and general physical appearance

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