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About thirty years ago I used to take my children to swimming training in the early morning at about 6.00am, and as I watched them swim I became stiff and cold. At this stage it was beyond me to swim 25 metres, but seemed a good time to start to learn.

One day I read in the local paper that a branch of AUSSI was starting in Geelong, and anyone interested in squad swimming was welcome to join. Quite sure that everyone would be too good for me, I went along to see what happened. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging so I decided to join.

Now many years later I am a confident but slow swimmer, and with the help of coaches I now like to swim in competitions travelling to many parts of Australia to take part.

An aim that really seemed beyond my capabilities was to take part in an Open Water Swim. This year five of those were completed, again very slowly but with much enjoyment.

Without the help of Master’s swimming I would never have been able to achieve this aim, so I encourage everyone to come along and have a try, you never know what you might be able to achieve.

Lit Belcher.

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